Genuine Leader ! / Patriot Politician ! / Antisemitism . (post # 522)

The late Golda Meir ,(1898-1978) was the first lady in the Middle-East to become the forth prime minister of Israel.She was a brilliant politician and dedicated human being .Her legacy is manifested in these profound words of hers post the Arab-Israeli war of 1973.”” We can forgive them for killing our children , we can not forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.””

The fanatic Arab ,the Islamic extremists can’t accept their catastrophic defeats in three wars with the Jewish State.,1948-1967-1973.They strive to revenge for being humiliated by a tiny state while they are  22 counties.They can’t face the powerful  Israeli army so they finance suicide bombers to commit the most heinous terrorist attacks and random killing of innocent people.Recently there were many attacks against the Jews in Europe .The antisemitism notion is on the rise.The Paris and the Copenhagen terrorist attacks are decisive proofs.

The weakness and carelessness of the Western leaders are emboldening the Islamic extremists to kill , burn and rape the helpless in Iraq,Syria,Libya,in Nigeria and soon everywhere.These radical are using Islam and their Allah to commit genocides.57 Muslim Countries are silent , doing nothing to defend their Islam against their enemies, the radicals within Islam .Why ?



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