An Idol ! / Vanity Is A Lethal Virus ! (Post # 520)

An Idol remains an Idol even though if its crowned with jewels,

and dressed with outfit of gold .

An Idol can’t see , hear , or feel . Its heartless,mindless and it can’t talk.

Usually an Idol is made of Bronze , iron, Concrete , but usually from stones.

If we look around , there are so are many leaders in  the world  who  have the same quality of an Idol.

They utter rhetoric to diminish the others senselessly .

Its not their fault,but of those who follow and promote them blindly.

Those who cheer and defend them ,who have no conscience or morality.

(( There is an ocean of differences between a brave,intellectual and honest leader and an incompetent,coward and shameless leader who shakes the hands of the enemies ,communists , fanatic extremists and traitors  .  Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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