Incomprehensible Hypocrisy ! / Supremacy Of Insult.

Millions and millions of Muslim immigrants  , live and prosper in Christian countries all over the Western world.They enjoy the same rights and freedom which the constitution guards for all citizens.Muslims are given freedom of religion ,to build their mosques to worship freely ,they are given the right to build their own school to teach their children.

YET , a Christian is forbidden to set a foot in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Mecca and Madina because they believe a Christian will spoil the holiness of these cities . A Christian is not allowed to immigrate to a Muslim country or to build a church .

Muslim women are forbidden to pray in the masque side by side with Muslim men.
Where is the equality Muslims boast about ?
Where is the peace they sing about ?Where is the kindness they claim to adore ?
Where is the justice which they swear they abide by ?

The whole objectivity Of ISIS is to destroy Islam .ISIS is committing all these Heinous genocide in the name Of Islam.Sunni extremism wants to annihilate every Shia’tt Muslim vis a vis.

Mr.Barack Hussein Obama and his advisers insulted 3 billion Christians when he compared them to Islamic Terrorism.We didn’t demonstrate fanatically and burned flags.Can Mr. Obama once in his life be fair and name things by their actual names? Christians are not suicide bombers,America is not arrogant and in God we Trust. Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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