Europe Year 2050 ! / Failed Policies ! / Cave ‘s poeple Slumber ?

A House That Is Divided Within Itself will crumble sooner or later.

Millions of Muslims live in Christians countries ,yet its forbidden for a Christian to set a foot in Saudi Arabia in Mecca or Madina,The Christian will spoil the holiness of these cities. JMS


Most definite predictions indicate that the massive population growth among the millions of immigrants today who invaded Europe’s gorgeous countries from Pakistan,Afghanistan,Saudi Arabia,Middle-East,Nigeria,and from North African countries whom Europe invited blindly between 1970-2009 will become the majority in most European countries in 2050.Europe is suffering enormously   from a zero population growth for many reasons which are well known for the European themselves.””While  The Muslim couples in Europe are having 5,6, 8 children””. The majority of these immigrants live on the welfare system and they are depleting the European economies .   The incompetent European politicians are facing the greatest challenge of their lives .,Muslims in Belgium ,Germany are asking for Shareea Law to be implemented in their communities..In 2050 ,this is what European will witness.

(1) The Austrian royal palace in Vienna “Schonbrunn” will become the mosque of the magnificent 19.(2)The French royal palace of “Versailles”in Paris will become…

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