Masquerades ! / Zealous Ideology ! / No Strategy .


Calling ISIS and the plague of  Islamic extremism a ” violent Organization” by Obama , the liberals, and the clueless advisers is an absolute  weakness, surrender , nonsense and defeat.It is an insult for every intellectual and patriot person ..

The Western politicians are refusing to define this lethal enemy ,the Islamic terrorism which is threatening the world . An Enemy who is driven by a zealous religious belief.

When will the West understand that ISIS and the other barbaric terrorist gangs are more savage than the savages of the jungles ? That ISIS is the core of determined Sunni barbaric Jihadism against humanity?

This week ISIS thugs burned a Jordanian jet pilot ALIVE.He was captured in Syria when his plane went down.They had the audacity to post the burning of a human being on you tube . It is the crime of the century.ISIS even recently executed 13 young boys because they were watching a soccer game.

World leaders need to  mobilize 100,000  brave warriors  to root out and  annihilate the Islamic terrorists in Syria ,Iraq,Nigeria,Libya,Afghanistan,Yemen (the  new capital of Al Qaeda) and every where they hide BEFORE these Radicals commit a CATASTROPHIC terrorist attack.

Fascism was defeated in WWII by bold  able and committed leaders  and soldiers. Today the world is in a DIRE need for such LEADERS,HEROES AND HEROINES ..

Mr .Obama ,you met with Muslim Leaders to teach you what to say.Tell me !

Did Christin terrorists carried out 9/11 terrorist attack?

Did Christian terrorists committed the Paris terrorist attack?

Did Christian terrorists beheaded the American Journalists ?

Did Christians become suicide bombers to kill innocent Muslims?

Did Christians burned the Jordanian pilot alive.

Your Statement about Christianity and Christ is absurd and baseless. Did You won the  Nobel peace prize to be advocate of injustice???? You must live in the present not in the p a s t .

You watched the burning atrocious  video of ISIS yet you come out to uphold Islamic barbarism and extremism.?

Mr.Obama,did you know that a Christian is forbidden to  step in Mecca or Madina ?

jalal Michael Sabbagh.


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