Are You My Heart Or Are You His ?

Words are like a garden with variety of flowers .Occasionally we choice the ones which express the feelings of others through our thoughts and our pens.

Are you my heart beating within me.
Answer me,do you still love him?

After all these years his memories captivate you.
You want me to forget how he abandoned us.
You want me to erase the sorrowful past !

Then, you aren’t my heart but you are his.

How can you accept his anger and cruelty ?
How can you forgive him for stabbing you?
How can you forget hurting us with his vanity?

Then, you are not my heart rather you are his.

You are ,but a dagger tearing my ribs intentionally.
You want to set him free and imprison me actually.

You are his heart not mine ,reminding me to face my destiny.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh.

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