Tenderness ! / Affection ! / Vase.

Every relationship to endure life’s trials needs tenderness,affection,commitments,

loving care, sincere attention,and constant maintenance from both sides otherwise it will collapse.

When a potter attempts to produce a vase he applies equal amount of pressure and carefulness from the outside and from the inside  so the clay won’t collapse.then the glazing process begins to have a gorgeous vase.

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Thanks Be To God ! / WWI ! / WWII ! / The Aryan Race . ( Post # 528 )

Thanks be to God , during WWI and WWII we didn’t have Presidents like Barack Hussein Obama.

We would if been speaking German now and the Aryan Race would if be ruling half of the world,

Because the other half would  had been Obliterated .( Fascism believed ,” Only the Aryan race deserve to live” ,the other races would if been annihilated completely.)

The barbaric Islamic State leaders have the exact agenda to obliterate the Shia’t and the none  believers from the face of the earth. These atrocious  Islamist savages want to establish a single homogenous Muslim Caliphate in the Middle -East. )

(( When a Leader loses the will to defend and protect LIFE , hope ceases from existence .Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

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Imminent ISIL Tsunami ? / Louvre Museum ! / Statue Of Liberty! / A War Against Mankind (post # 527)

The Western leaders of the free world including the strongest man in the world are becoming spectators watching the symbols of the ancient Assyrian civilization ,5000 B.C  being ruined by the Islamic state” the army from hell” in Mosul the third largest city in Northern Iraq.These Monuments belong to all Humanity.ISIS has declared War Against Mankind.

Mosul is the cradle of two great civilization ,the Chaldean  and the Assyrian.These barbaric Islamic terrorists   are using sledgehammers to destroy historic statues and museums artifacts.They burned Mosul’s 1000 year old library with it’s treasures of historic manuscripts .Disaster beyond comprehension for the sake of a savage religious ideology.Marie Harf  ,her boss John Kerry and his Boss have lost their touch with the bitter reality,They Call the  Atrocities  committed by ISIS random  violence not Islamic  Jihad Terrorism.72 hours ago these murderers kidnapped 250 innocent Christians  in  Northern Syria.

The Islamist extremism is spreading in that region like a  Malignant Cancer. ISIS mad leaders in Egypt and Libya are vowing to destroy the Pyramids , the Valley of the kings ,the Sphinx and every museum in Cairo , they consider them heresy .

The West and the United Nations are acting as idols as the Pyramids and silent like the Sphinx.They are ignoring the catastrophic crimes which are  been perpetrated by Islamist fanatics.This Islamic extremism plague need to be obliterated from the face of the earth once and for good., before it engulfs the whole world.

These barbaric  Islamic thugs next  target is to destroy the statue of Liberty,the Eiffel Tour, every  royal historic castle ,the Louvre  museum, every Church and Library in Europe  and  in the  West.Where are the human rights Agencies ? They ought to  close their doors and be ashamed of themselves.

The FBI directer announced yesterday after the arrest of three ISIS terrorists in New York that ,there are ISIS sympathizers in all 50 State.They are being recruited and trained her in our America to attack America.

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Depression Is An Old Person Holding His Head In His Hands !

Thomas Moore ( 1779-1852 ) the brilliant Irish poet , with great faith and deep insight said.” Depression gives us valuable qualities that we need in order to be full human.It gives us weight when we are too light about our lives . It offers a degree of gravitas . It was associated with the metal lead and was said to be heavy . It also ages us so that we grow appropriately and don’t pretend to be younger then we are. It grows us up and gives us the range of human emotion and character that we need in order to deal with the seriousness of life.”

In classic Renaissance images found in old medical texts and collections of remedies ,  “depression” is  depicted as an old person wearing a broad-rimmed hat , in the shadows holding his head in his hands .

(( ” l believe some times positive things come out of the negative  ones .”     Jalal Michael Sabbagh -https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com  ))

Sweet Memories ! / (post #525)

The evening was hazel and velvety .
The clouds were at the edge of the horizon.
Their colors seemed violet , pinkish occasionally.

At other times their colors change to purple ,
Even like majestic sun flowers and lilies.

The clouds in my beloved village where l grow up ,
Moved like ocean’s waves kissing the shores eagerly .

They used to give me beautiful sense of serenity.
The stars ,the moon illuminated our nightly festivity.

All the villagers were happy ,the village was a lake of ecstasy .

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Is This A Peaceful Message Or A Bold Threat Against Humanity ? (Post # 524)

Sheik Omar Bakri Mohammad ,the most revered Muslim scholar in The Islamic World , Theologian and a renowned Imam, recently stated on the AL-JAZZERA news channel( the propaganda center for every radical Islamist group) bluntly and with daring vulgarity .”” We Muslims don’t force people ,the none believers to become Muslims but definitely we will force ISLAM rule on all the world when we have the power.”” Now is this a peaceful message ? Is this a peaceful religious leader ?

The Islamist terrorism epidemic is a bold manifestation of Sheik Omar’s statement.He is the representative of those who are beheading and burning human beings.Whoever(whether he is a liberal, progressive or  fanatic democrat) says he is not in war with these barbaric thugs , he is  afraid of the mythical Islam – phobia .The Secretary of Homeland security refuses to call ISIS Islamist extremism despite ISIS stands for (Islamic state in Iraq and Syria-opacity beyond comprehension)

The Liberal and progressive politicians and their boss in This Administration ought to understand,” no one is  at war with Islam “.Islam is at war within itself , for the last 1400 years,Sunnis are killing Shiat’s and Shiats are killing Sunnis. The present sectarian wars are the proofs.These clueless American Liberal politicians know nothing about Islam or about history.They ought to educate themselves.Enough deception ,lies and ignorance . These terrorists are not martians they are 100%  Muslims.

If Islam is peaceful ! Why 50 million Muslims FLED and millions are fleeing their Muslim countries to live in America,Canada,Australia and Europe ?  They will never go back after they  escaped  persecution , corruption , oppression , injustice and discrimination .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh – https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Marvelous Song ! / A Wish To Share.

The world doesn’t need another machine gun,an air bus,
A fighting jet , a sophisticated cell phone or faster internet.

What the world needs is a magical and a contagious song ,
So peace and harmony can reign ,here there and everywhere .

A song for universal love that captivates the soul and sight.
A song that brings happiness to the sad and the lonely ones.

A song that lets the children dream of the ultimate rainbow,
that never changes colors or be effected by the passing times.

The world needs a song which is warm like the sun,
To melt the stone like hearts and the obstinate minds.

A song to make people reject division and to unite as one.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com