The Book.” The Haj .” The Author : Leon Uris.

Leon Uris ,( 1924-2003 ) an acclaimed world wide best seller American author,historian and thinker.He was well known for his researches and studied when he wrote his books.Many of his books became Hollywood box office success.His well known book ” Exodus ” became the most watched movie in 1958.

His book the,”Haj” concentrates on the Haj,the annual pilgrimage which Muslims make to Mecca in Saudi Arabia .Muslims believe by circling Mecca 7 times and performing the Haj rituals ,their sins will be forgiven and they will become as pure as new born baby.When they return to their hometowns they slaughter animals in atonement for their sins.This is an ancient rituals more than 5000 years old.

They create their own paradise and hell.Leon Uris exposes the Islamic mysterious culture,theology and doctrine very eloquently . Muslims absolutely obey the Islamic teaching unquestionably .They uphold male domination societies and reject female equality to a male.The poor and poverty struck people hate education ,distrust their rulers yet they fear them.

The climax of the book is centered upon the Middle-East,Muslim culture,absent of freedom,democracy and human civil rights.Muslims utmost aim is to establish the rigid Sharia law.

Revenge in the Islamic teaching is Sacred and they take it very seriously . Hate is considered Nobel towards the infidels and whoever criticizes Islam .Anger in their understanding is power and strength to dominate the none believers.

Muslims consider Islam is their real identity not their nationality.( A Muslim would say ,” l am Muslim then I am Egyptian or Iraqi.”) Jihadism is an obligation to spread Islam for the sake of their Allah.(Chapter 9 verses 5-11 of the Koran ) .The core of their secretive ideology is summoned in these teachings which they believe are irreversible.They are nurtured with wthese teachings from their early childhood.These teachings are considered their daily constitution.

I Against my Brother.
Me and my Brother Against our father.
My Family Against my Cousin and the Clan.
The Clan Against the Tribe.
The Tribe Against the World.
And all of us Against the Infidels.

Their religious book tells them that they are Right and the rest of the world are wrong.They are Good and the rest of the world are Bad.They are Superior and the none believers are weak,inferior and worthless . Its impossible that a Muslim will love the other and consider him as equal.

(( Last week 13 young boys were executed by the savage Islamic State thugs because they were watching a soccer game on TV. Is this a merciful or human teachings ? )) J.M.Sabbagh- ))


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