Incomprehensible Mentality ! / Are You Serious ? Radical Islam Is radical Islam*

Today,general Martin Dempsey the military man announced a literary contest to write an essay about the legacy of the late king Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who passed away last Thursday. (8/1/1924 – 1-22-2015 ).

What Legacy Mr. Dempsey ??

King Abdullah married 25 women and had 45 children.His kingdom finances every Islamic extremist group, build thousands of Mosques around the globe to promote Islam and to recruit Jihadists and radicals. Saudi Arabia,Where women are deprived of their civil rights ,they are not allowed even to drive a car or to travel alone.Where they cut the hands of the thieves ,stone the adulteress to death,flog the lesbians and the gays. Where DEMOCRACY,CIVIL RIGHTS ,EQUALITY AND FREEDOM ARE TABOO and not Islamic.  Saudi Arabia is a mono religion country ,none believer can’ become a Saudi citizen.  Saudi Arabia, Where the royal SAUD family owns the oil and rules the people with iron fist.Saudi Arabia is the core of oppression and persecution .

Is this the legacy you meant Mr . Dempsey ? l think its time for you to reconsider your proposal.By the way l don’t think this essay of mine will win the Dempsey Prize!!!!!!General Dempsey and John Kerry ought to study Islam and understand the Sharias before uttering none sense statements about it’s mythical peace and gentleness .Radical Islam IS radical Islam ,there is no 3rd.interpretation..



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