Mr. Rhetoric ! / Master of Ambiguity And Transparency .

l don’t see in your face any more that familiar glare !
Your colorful rhetoric is becoming boredom and rare.

Your vibrant youth has departed,you used to be fair.
All l see now frailness.dullness and the gray hair.

The transparency you boasted about, now you don’t dare.
Change turned to be deception and only hot air.

Your achievement to your deeds man can’t compare .
You thought its easy once you occupy the power chair !

You thought you will become a superman and mighty heir.
Making decisions , imposing social ideas and wealth share.

Traveling and vacationing are your sole and only care.
People can’t stand your uniqueness its hard to bear .

Wait for the bus to arrive at your door, you don’t have the fare?
Don’t worry , your promises are enough pay back beside the swear.

Your fate is up to history in the near future to declare.

(( Incompetent officials are well known for their rhetoric ,empty promises,deception,lies,liberalism,weakness and shaking the hand of the enemy .Jalal Michael Sabbagh - ))


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