American Sniper ! / The Movie ! /Genuine Heroism .

One among the greatest movies ever made in Hollywood history since “gone with the wind.”The movie yield 92.5 million dollars on the first opening weekend and smashed all previous box office records all around the country.In our small town in Southern California the movie is shown in three AMC theaters.

l lived 132 minutes with the events watching our brave heroes and heroines ,the American service men and women fighting a vicious enemy who worships death,hate and breathes revenge .The brutality of the Islamic Jihadism is a real destructive epidemic which threatens humanity and the civilized world.Freedom loving people ought to unite to defeat this catastrophic plague.

Clint Eastwood ,the producer and director of the movie and his crew did a magnificent job to portrait the heroism of Chris Kyle.Actor Bradly Cooper who played the role of Chris is marvelous , embodying the legacy of Chris and his tragic death.

132 minutes gave me the whole picture of the dreadful reality every decent human being is facing directly or indirectly .The barbaric Islamic terrorism is driven by a destructive doctrine to fulfill it’s supremacy and saw horror and death.



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