Syria , The Land Of Heroism ! / The Final resting graveyard for Islamic Terrorism.

The Majority of European and American liberal politicians are clueless and sightless.They are incompetent to understand or fight extremism.

Since February 2011 the Syrians are fighting a vicious war against a ruthless and barbaric Islamic terrorism alone.The Western Countries are standing by and watching instead of helping Syria to win the war for the sake of world peace.

The Syrian leadership is facing the Sunni terrorism from all over the world specially from the Sunni Muslim countries. So far the brave Syrian Army have annihilated thousand of these jahadists.Russia and Iran are the only 2 countries helping Syria.

Syria is becoming the  new MECCA where terrorists are getting their final wish fulfilled ” to become martyrs and to enter the lustful paradise which the Islamic book the KORAN promises them ((Chapters 10/47 * 24/17-32 * 34/31-78- 76/46-55 )) ”

Wherever there is a terrorist attack ,there is the Arab oil money financing it.Wherever there is a Mosque ,there are those who are radicalizing  and  recruiting the failures to join jihad and end dying unknown in the promised graveyard.

The Syrians are united ,Sunni ,Shiat and Christians to defend their country and to defeat the barbaric Islamic terrorism. (( J.M Sabbagh- ))


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