A Fellow Saudi Blogger ! / Ultimate Bravery ! / Liberty has a price.

Saudi Arabia , the mecca of the Islamic world , proved to the world how just , merciful  and  peaceful  Islam  is. The government uses  Brutality and severe punishments  to dehumanize  it’s people . The same elite  family is ruling Saudi Arabia since 1920’s .

On January 15,2015 a brave Saudi blogger Raif Badawi was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1000 lashes  for posting an article expressing his opinion about the rigid  religious laws “Sharia”and it’s fierce punishment which is the core of  all terrorism .It  defies  the  human rights ,the United Nations and any civilized society. Liberty,and equality  are a taboo in the whole region.The United Nation and the Human rights organizations are turning their face the opposite way.They don’t want to insult the Wealthy Arab States.

Hundreds of journalist were executed in 2014 for exposing extremism in the Islamic world.They paid the ultimate price for speaking out .If the West doesn’t name the beast by it’s name ” terrorism” the West can’t defeat the beast. He Who Rules By The Sword , By The Sword He Will Be Perished.

((  The Islamic States are infected by a new epidemic ,”Truth-Phobia.The Saudi blogger and Muslims like him represent this truth-phobia  ))



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