K A F E R ! / M A R S .

Abu-Baker El- Baghdadi ,the leader of the Islamic State ,the extremists ,the fanatics ,the fundamentalists , the salafists consider themselves the true Muslims who are committed to Islam and Jihad.That they are practicing the real Islam.The rest of Muslims are ((Kafer = Infidels )) For whoever consider Jihad is not to kill the infidels for the sake of Allah is not Muslim.Muslim extremists were not descended from M A R S , they were raised by Muslim Families to despise the none Muslims, to obey Islam blindly,and they Memorize  them the  Koran  forceful.Islam becomes their identity ,nationality and way of life.ISIS and BOKO HARAM are the core of Islam and Jihad.

Muslims have beheaded more than 4000 Christians and Shia’t in 2014.
Muslims have killed thousands of Yazidis and Christian in 2014.
Muslims raped 5000 Christian and Yazzidi Women in Northern Iraq.
How many Muslim suicide bombers attacks in the world during 2014 ? 1090

If A Muslim person leaves Islam he is persecuted then put to death.Koran Chapter 5 ,verse 9 declares
this very clearly.Is this a peaceful religion?Or its enslavement.

There are more than 10000 Islamic Mosques around the world build by S.Arabia., to recruit jihadist.
There is not even one Christian church in Saudi Arabia.

How many Muslims were beheaded by Fanatic Christians in 2014 ?  0
How many Muslims were killed by Extremist Christians in 2014 ?  0
How many Christian suicide bombers attacks in 2014 ?  0

How many Christians terrorist groups there are ? 0

If a Christian person leaves Christianity he is free to do so.

Now ,Mr. Nobel peace Prize winner , which religion is a peaceful religion .l hope you are transparent enough to answer. Before stating anything be sure first. J.M.Sabbagh – https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

(( Please read world reports and studies about the subject. ))


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