There Is A Truth-phobia ! / Not Islam-phobia ! / A triumphant Unity March.

Today the 11,January 2015 , 3.7 million people from all over the world participated in the Unity March through the streets of Paris in solidarity for the Victims of the Paris terrorist attack on January 7th., to declare that the civilized world is united to defeat and demise terrorism and religious fundamentalism in the world.

The Sunni radicals have massacred more then 10000 Shia’t Iraqi soldiers and beheaded 3500 innocent Iraqis since June 2014.They have annihilated tens of thousands Syrian since 2011.Their aim is to establish their Islamic State of Horror.

There are 55 major Muslim countries in the world their total population exceeds 1.5 billion .(80% Sunni – 20% Shia’t ) their total army number exceeds 40 million soldiers and they own 1 1/3 of world wealth yet they are divided and refuse to unite to oppose the plague of terrorism within themselves.They don’t want to put an end to the vicious sectarian wars between Sunni and Shia’t,barbaric massacres and genocidal conflicts in Iraq,Syria and the Middle-East.

Why the Muslims accuses the West with Islam-phobia while they themselves are terrified by the truth-phobia? They react violently whenever someone criticizes them or exposes their deceptions and lies.Muslims demonstrate and burn the flags and shout inhuman slogans.

AS long they refuse to defy hate,rage and accept the others as equal to themselves they will never denounce terrorism.As long they reject logic and open dialogue they will never eliminate hate towards the none believers.

JIHADISM according to their Book “The Koran”where its mentioned tens of times, MEANS one thing and one thing only.”kill the infidels for the sake of ALLAH period.””

(( He who called America ” Arrogant ” he himself is the worst arrogant.Its not American and its not patriotism . Its ignorance. He should be ashamed of himself.To apologist for the enemy is weakness and surrender. Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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