The Truth Is More Poignant Than The Sword ! / Peace In Syria and Iraq.

Now ,after four years of bitter indifference ,Europe ,USA and the West in general came to realize and admit that the Syrian government is not fighting it’s own people or the Syrian opposition .(There is no Opposition in Syria the whole country supporting  the Syrian leadership .)

Now the West is in total perception that the Syrian army is battling a ruthless terrorist gangs who want to establish a State of horror in Iraq and Syria.Since the explosion of the so called the Arab Spring in 2/2011 which aimed to bring democracy and freedom to the Arab State but sadly it collapsed .The Islamic extremists took advantage of the chaos and staged a vicious war against Syria and Iraq to rebuild their mythical Caliphdom ( A barbaric religious theocracy ) a 1400 years old baseless dream.

Syria the birth place of a great civilization ,historic and geographic importance .Syria the capital  of agricultural and natural sources in the Middle-East is being destroyed by fanatic barbarism,hate and ignorance.Syria is the phoenix it will rise to triumphant life again.

May the new year spirit brings peace to Iraq , Syria and the whole region of the Middle-East.May the Lord inspires world leaders to work together to fight the epidemic prevalent poverty ,Hunger and extremism which are threatening the world peace.
Jalal M. Sabbagh-


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