The Arab Are Living Their Worst Period In Their History !!

What is taken forcefully by the sword ,it would be taken back with force and the sword. The way you measure for others it will be measured for you and more. The way you treat the others they will treat you the same.


Today the Arab are living their darkest period in their existence .Its the results of their own awkwardness,strict religious laws,stillness,domestic tyranny and their ultra fanatic mentality which is rooted in their very core.

The Arab consider themselves the leaders of the Muslim world and believe that the Western freedom,culture and way of life are their enemies.They are dead wrong ,their real enemy is within themselves.Radicalism is threatening their very lives.

The Arab oil money created this fascist extremism.Al-Qaeda,Boko-Haram,Hamas,M.B.,Al-Shabab and of course the barbaric ISIS.The Arab  richness financed the terrorist  attacks of 9/11/2001 and every terrorist attack,in Madrid,London,Bali  and  in other countries.The Arab wealth build thousands of Masques all over the world,in America,Europe,Asia,Africa,
Canada,Australia and Latin America to recruit the failures and the ignorant,enticing them with money,sex and free drugs.

The Arab think  they can invade the world with their oil money this time not with the sword,when they began pervading…

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