Multiple Faces Of Islam ! / Tip Of The Iceberg.

Slaughtering 132 innocent school children in the name of Islam and for the sake of Allah by the atrocious Muslim Taliban terrorist thugs is beyond human comprehension!The families of the victims are mourning Pakistan’s Sept.11 ,vicious terrorist attack.What religion would allow such barbaric massacre ? The Taliban ferocious terrorists were shouting “Allah Wa Akbar” ,the slogan that permits them to kill,while they were destroying these innocent souls.Muslims are killing Muslims,Why? yet if man asks the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world about this massacre,they would deny that Taliban are Muslims.What are they then,if they are not Muslims ? Lies and deception can’t hide the truth,it doesn’t justify Islam.This savage crime stabs every decent human’s heart.

Yesterday an Iranian Muslim clergyman held 30 people hostages in a cafe in Australia .The incident ended tragically with blood shed, 3 innocent people were killed .Mr Obama the recipient of the Nobel Prize for peace still insist that Islam is a peaceful religion and it has nothing to do with Terrorism.Then Who are these fanatic Islam’s representatives ?Taliban, ISIS,Boko Haram,Al-Qaeda,Shabab Al Nasra,Salafis,Ansar Al-Sharia,Army of Allah,Soldiers of Jihad ,M.B the founders of Hamas and hundreds other Islamic extremist gangs,aren’t they Muslims.Did they descended from Mars? ? Then why are  they  killing in the name of Islam and in the name of Allah ? WHY  moderate Muslims in the world,the West,the U N , the human right Agencies hiding their heads in the sand like a coward Ostrich ? Are they trying to avoid confronting this PLAGUE,this lethal Epidemic by ignoring it or out of Cowardice ?



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