The Deceitful Leader ! / Coward.

Last week the Lebanese authority arrested the wife and children of the leader of ISIS while they were trying to cross the border from neighboring Syria.

The wife of the one who wants to become the caliph of radical Islam,”Abu Baker El-Baghdadi,”told her husband ,that she and their children refuse to live a dangerous and crude life in the Syrian desert with his fighters.

The caliph managed with the millions of dollars he made from ransom money to get his family counterfeit passports to enter Lebanon and then board an airplane to London where a luxurious mansion awaits the special family.

The vicious leader of ISIS ,who entice the European and American failure youths to join him through his devious recruiting masters,by offering them $ 3.500 dollars,unlimited opium and as many teenage wives they want.These new jihadist know nothing else about their new religion beside these three elements,yet they die unknown in the Syrian or Iraqi deserts before even having the chance to enjoy the money ,the wives or the opium.Though ,they become martyrs of vanity and they might get their rewards in the netherworld.

This is the reality that blinds those who become the ISIS army of destruction aiming to establish the caliphdom of darkness.



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