The Book .”Woman At Point Zero.” Author : Dr.Nawal El – Saadawi.

Dr. Nawal  El –  Saadawi,(1931- ) ( age 83 ) a well known world wide, an Egyptian author and founder of ” the Arab Association For Human Rights.1970-1983 ,She was the director general of Health Education in the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Dr. Nawal El Saadawi was viewed as controversial and dangerous advocate for women movement In the Islamic World for Equality and Freedom by the totalitarian Egyptian government , by the brutal Islamic fundamentalists and by the blind religious leaders.

In 1981 she published a “Feminist Magazine.” and confronted the ruthless Muslim theologians for manipulating the Muslims and brain wash them with lies.She also criticized the Saudi ruling Royal family for imprisoning women , deprive them of their civil rights and for taking advantage of millions of Pilgrims who visit Mecca every year by imposing new rules to rob them their money.

In 1982 ,both Saudi Arabia and Egypt fought Dr.Nawal and accused her for insulting Islam.She was put on trial and ended in the women’s prison ,where she wrote her brilliant book.”The memories from women’s prison.” Followed by publishing her second best seller book.”Woman At Point Zero.” which erupted like a volcano in the Islamic world and it was banned .

Dr.Nawal Was considered a Blasphemer by the fanatics.In 1988 her life was threatened ,she was forced to flee Egypt . She immigrate to the USA.Now she lives in North Carolina and teaches at Duck University,a professor of Asian languages and cultures.

Jalal M.Sabbagh-


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