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The Truth Is More Poignant Than The Sword ! / Peace In Syria and Iraq.

Now ,after four years of bitter indifference ,Europe ,USA and the West in general came to realize and admit that the Syrian government is not fighting it’s own people or the Syrian opposition .(There is no Opposition in Syria the whole country supporting  the Syrian leadership .)

Now the West is in total perception that the Syrian army is battling a ruthless terrorist gangs who want to establish a State of horror in Iraq and Syria.Since the explosion of the so called the Arab Spring in 2/2011 which aimed to bring democracy and freedom to the Arab State but sadly it collapsed .The Islamic extremists took advantage of the chaos and staged a vicious war against Syria and Iraq to rebuild their mythical Caliphdom ( A barbaric religious theocracy ) a 1400 years old baseless dream.

Syria the birth place of a great civilization ,historic and geographic importance .Syria the capital  of agricultural and natural sources in the Middle-East is being destroyed by fanatic barbarism,hate and ignorance.Syria is the phoenix it will rise to triumphant life again.

May the new year spirit brings peace to Iraq , Syria and the whole region of the Middle-East.May the Lord inspires world leaders to work together to fight the epidemic prevalent poverty ,Hunger and extremism which are threatening the world peace.
Jalal M. Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursussecc.wordpress.com

Possibility ! / Reality !

These days,with the help of technology its possible to teach a person almost everything except love,kindness,compassion and ambition .

If a person wasn’t raised with decency and nurtured with beautiful feelings,its impossible to rearrange his reality.

J.M.Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyourssuccess.wordpress.com- Wishing everyone a happy , healthy and prosperous new 2015.

Blissful Oneness !

We danced by the shore last night .
The ocean’s waves were the symphony .

The sands were shining with moon’s light.
We were holding hands tenderly so tight.

With sweet yearning our breath mingled together,
Her fragrance reached my whole being even my soul.

l felt time is not existence any more ,
l felt so happy never in my life before.

Since my eyes caught her captivating sight,
All my fantasies became content with reality.
Like a huge dazzling star l saw E t e r n i t y .

Jalal M.Sabbagh – mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com

Frohliche Weihnachten – Joyeux Noel – Feliz Navidad – Milad saeed – Sadiket Shnor havor ella – Merry Christmas.And have a wonderful new 2015.Thanks from the heart to all my blog’s 2850 followers and to everyone who visit my humble Site.

Thursday 12 / 25 / 2014 ! / Yes Lord .

” Knowing Christ transcend all knowledge .He is the salvation of those who believe without doubting.”J.M.Sabbagh

The angel of the Lord announced the coming of Christ and Mary said.”Yes.”

Christ came to mend the broken human family.

Christ came to embrace our weakness,our division,

Our enmity ,our illness, our pride and our vanity.

Christ came to give humanity the hope for new life.

The blind shall see,the deaf shall hear and the dumb shall talk.

Christ assured humanity that death is not the end rather,

Is the beginning of everlasting H a p p i n e s s .

Mary did say yes ,will you do the same?

Christ the savior is born ,darkness turned to illumination,

Distance turned to closeness and sadness to joyful celebration.

(( May the Lord of Christmas brightens every home and bless everyone.May the new year 2015 brings everyone happiness,May  all your wishes come true.—Everybody’s success is my success and my success is everybody’s success.https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com )).

The Arab Are Living Their Worst Period In Their History !!

What is taken forcefully by the sword ,it would be taken back with force and the sword. The way you measure for others it will be measured for you and more. The way you treat the others they will treat you the same.


Today the Arab are living their darkest period in their existence .Its the results of their own awkwardness,strict religious laws,stillness,domestic tyranny and their ultra fanatic mentality which is rooted in their very core.

The Arab consider themselves the leaders of the Muslim world and believe that the Western freedom,culture and way of life are their enemies.They are dead wrong ,their real enemy is within themselves.Radicalism is threatening their very lives.

The Arab oil money created this fascist extremism.Al-Qaeda,Boko-Haram,Hamas,M.B.,Al-Shabab and of course the barbaric ISIS.The Arab  richness financed the terrorist  attacks of 9/11/2001 and every terrorist attack,in Madrid,London,Bali  and  in other countries.The Arab wealth build thousands of Masques all over the world,in America,Europe,Asia,Africa,
Canada,Australia and Latin America to recruit the failures and the ignorant,enticing them with money,sex and free drugs.

The Arab think  they can invade the world with their oil money this time not with the sword,when they began pervading…

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