America the gracious ,the kind will triumph always over her enemies because the Lord loves America and his spirit covers her skies.Those who hate America will be shamed through eternity.l love America .Jalal

Ellie belfiglio


I am an immigrant!

I remember how I suffered to bring my children to America so as Iranian government don’t take my son to the minefield, so he would walk on them and being blown up. They told him he would go to paradise. He was brain-washed. I had to take him out of school.

Then I remember how they came after me because I had said something against the new regime of Mullahs. I was a professor. I loved teaching but I had no choice than leaving my career and go underground so as not being captured by the Islamic Government.

It took us one year to get to America. All our money was gone except a couple of thousand dollars which I used most of them to hire an Immigration Lawyer to get us Political Asylum for being here. The story is long and sad. I never asked…

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