The New Paganism ! / The New World Order !

The new paganism is nihilistic, respect nothing.No culture ,

law,civilization,doctrine,religion or even life itself.

Paganism has no virtue except death,destruction and striving vehemently to return the world to the dark ages.Fanatic liberals,atheism,isis,abortion,euthanasia and extremism are the new world order.The many are blindly promoting it and dying for it.They are serving their master,”the evils in the world”.

They want to rule the world with anarchy,the sword and persecution.This new paganism is worst than the atrocious old paganism history has known.

People ought to stand united to defeat this plague,this evil which is raging all over the world and threatening the very existence of human life,the modern civilization and the free way of living.

Liberalism and the incompetent politicians are the core of the battle against rightful virtues,decency,morals and family values.They want to exclude God and the constitution from being the order in this world.The new paganism is recruiting thousand of American and European youth to join isis and to become the executioners beheading the innocent and whoever opposes their catastrophic ideology.

The choice is very clear ,”what kind of world we want to live in?’Its time to make our voice heard .Its time to express our opinions with conviction.We can’t afford to be silent anymore .((Despite  the Liberals and the fanatic progressives are engulfed up to their eyebrows with shameful corruption yet they still  want to look up  to the stars of the sky.)) Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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