The Book.” The Middle – East .” The Author : Bernard Lewis.(A Region without freedom,Democracy, Equality or Love).

A brilliant author and historian .He gives a true vision of the future of the Middle -East .

Turkey ,Iran and the Arab states.the timeless aggression  between them since the 7th.century .He details the sectarian struggles between the Sunni Muslims and The Shia’t Muslims,Their hate toward each other,resentment  and hatefulness.

They build four  empires in Iraq,Syria ,Turkey and in Eastern Spain .But they destroyed them with their division and enmity .Its a well deserved book to be read and studied.To understand today’s rising Islamic   terrorism and  extremism.

They build their empires with the might of the sword and with the might of the sword they will perish.A region that rejects Freedom, Equality,Democracy, love, and reconciliation .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


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