Joseph Smith’s 40 Wives ! / False Piety ! (( Being a prophet is an invitation to strive for greater holiness. ))

Joseph Smith,(1805-1844) Is the one who is called the prophet of” Restoration ” the founder of Mormonism also considered the seal of the prophets despite the Muslims believe their prophet is the seal of the prophets.(No prophet would come after him.)

Joseph Smith married forty wives. who performed the ceremonies ? Nobody knows, Was it lawful? Or it was mass rape crimes? Among his wives there were married women, he took them from their husbands. Emma Smith- Eliza Smith-Emile Smith-Zina Smith and many others. Joseph Smith made the women believe ,that they won’t enter heaven unless they obey their husbands blindly and have as many kids as they can.

A messenger or a prophet ought to be pure ,having pure piety, to resist sensual passion, sexual relations and earthly pleasures, lust to fulfill his manly desires.

A true prophet has a relation with the creator’s divinity that is the core of all happiness . The happiness which fills his being , heart and mind. A prophet ought to preserve himself from mortal sins.

Rapping a 9-10-11-12 years old little girls and calling it marriage and calling these girls wives is an inhuman atrocity. This kind of prophet is the zenith of corruption ,deception and ignorance  . What authority or power would allow such adultery ? Stillness beyond comprehension .

(( Despite the world has entered the age of knowledge and the internet, the many are living in darkness to hide their other side which is afraid of the LIGHT. Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))


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