Why Shiia’t And Sunni Islam ? Rightful God.

I hope you will have few minutes to read this post and judge for yourself what kind of predicament the Western Civilization is facing today. Its a threat for the world peace.

( ! ) the Shiia’t believe in lmam Ali-Bin -Abi -Talib,the Sunni believe in Mohammed Bin- Abdullah the founder of Islam.(2) The Sunni in the early stages of Islam assassinated all the 4 successors of Mohammed in the mosque while they were praying., Abo-Baker, Othman, Ummar, and Ali.(3) The Iraqi Sunni killed the sons of Imam Ali Hassan and Hussein in Karbala,a small city near Baghdad.( The Shiia’t were planning  to crown Hussein as the Caliph of Iraq )

(4)There is not even one Shiia’t terrorist group. The Sunni annihilated more than 1 million Shiia’t in Iraq during the reign of terror between 1980-1995.The same Genocides are been carried out today in Iraq and Syria by the Islamic State radicals.

(5) Every terrorist attack happened in the world since 9/11/2001 was committed by Sunni radicals who want to exterminate the infidels. Al-Qaeda/Boko-Haram/M.B./Al-Shabab of Somalia/ISIS/ Khorasan/the Salafists.These fanatic groups are been financed by the rich Sheiks.

(6) Shii’t treat women equaly and allow them to attend universities, to become ministers and ambassadors. The Shii’at respect their constitutions and the laws of the land. The Sunni Consider women to be deficient in reason and religion. The  Sunni  want to enforce the SHARIA LAW in every corner of the Planet earth.
(7) The sectarian wars between both sects are timeless since the 7th.century.They despise each other more than they despise the none believers. The liberal politicians ought to go back to school and study the history of the sectarian struggles before they make any deal with extremism.



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