The Poem.” Prince Of Darkness.”!

Dr. Taha Hussein (1889-1973) the greatest intellect the Arab nation gave birth to.At age of 7 he lost his eye sight,but with his wit he defeated darkness.

A genius and most decorated thinker in the history of the Arab world.He achieved the highest level of excellence.In 1908 he graduated from Cairo University .In 1914 he received his first ph.D and was appointed a professor of history and literature in the same university.In 1950 the king of Egypt appointed him the minister of education and was given the title of.” The Dean of the Arab Literature.”

Without Dr. Taha Hussein and his passion to promote education 1/2 the Arab world would never became literate.
He believed that Egyptian civilization was diametrically opposed of the Arab civilization.That Egypt would only progress by reclaiming it’s ancient pre-Islamic roots  and in the separation of religion and state,upon which he received his

In 1960’s  Dr.Taha Hussein profoundly  exposed the brutality of the religious leaders and their devious methods to control the minds of the people and keep them illiterate with deception of Islamic teaching.The ruthless leaders rejected his truthful findings and fought him venomously ,for promoting the freedom and  openness to emancipate the women and the poor from the religious rusted  iron chains.They put him on trial for exposing the mythical paradise of Islam.(Sorat Mohamed,Al toor- Al Rahman- Al-Waqqia,Al Anbba) even his colleagues betrayed him.

He left Islam and was Baptized and became a Christian ,believing in the True GOD whom he discovered and loved.He lived the rest of his life in Paris-France.

Whoever is interested to watch Dr. Taha Hussein videos ,they are available on YOU TUBE .( His poems and his brilliant Books)


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