My God ! / Your Allah. ( Who lives with deception perishes shamefully.)

This post is in response to the Islamic theologian Yousef El Qardawi.Who resides in Qatar because he was exiled from Egypt for his infamous preaching.Recently he uttered the foulest lie ,that Christ Mohammad and Moses were created from dust.His false messages are on the “you tube.”

l believe like other billions of Christians that Christ is the incarnate word of the eternal God and the exact visible likeness of the invisible God.

Mr.Yousef El Qadawi aimed to delete Christianity and Christ Himself.These facts below will bridle El Qardawi forever.These facts will smite his falsity and his corrupt mentality of hate and hallucination.

Once a person finds the truth,the truth will set him free to reap the fruits of blissful life all infinity.

My God says.” love your enemy ,pray for your persecutors.”
Mr.Qardawi your Allah says.”Hate,kill your enemy and who opposes Islam.

My God says.” Who hits you on your cheek turn the other cheek .”
Mr.Qardawi your Allah says.”Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.”

My God says.” forgive those who offed you so your offenses might be forgiven.”
Your Allah says.” Take your revenge destroy who offends you.”

My God says.” Whoever among you is without a sin let him cast the first stone.”
Your Allah says.” Stone the adulteress to death.flog the lesbian,the gay,cut the hands of the thieves.

My God says.” A man and a woman are equal.Marriage unites the two and they become one ,no more two.
Your Allah says, A woman is equal to 1/2 a man .2 women are equal to one man in any trial.

My God says.”Treat the others like you want them to treat you.”
Your Allah says.”The none believers must be subdued with the sword for the sake of Allah.(JIHADISM) is the utmost wish of every Muslim to serve his Allah.
Allah entice you ,under the  Black Banners  of “Allah Wa Akbaar” to die as a martyr by becoming a suicide bomber , To kill the children and the harmless..Your Allah Promises that you  will be rewarded in the mythological paradise  generously .Your rewards  would be  beautiful nymphs,and pearl like lads.Rivers of wine,milk and honey.Eating figs,dates and grapes .Sleeping on beds made of Rubies and gems.

The atheist in the Western countries are  allowed  to deny God,But if they were in any Islamic country they will be flogged till they repent.(( The living conscience knows that what is earthly will remain earthly.And what is from above will shine like the sun.))



Blissful Existence !

Tell me my love.” What other desires are there,
That you haven’t fulfilled them for me”?

When you embrace me close to your heart ,
All all my wishes even the wild ones become true.

You are the life, my life with you l am anew.
l taste eternity sweeter than sugar and honey,
Larger than oceans of passion,affection and ecstasy too.

l love my life and adore the world because of you.

Jalal M. Sabbagh-

Precious Children ! / Morning Breeze.

The children are angels of love, pure innocence and life’s delight.
Children are the sweet feelings, refreshing like morning breeze.

The long waited for the lavish spring after enduring winter’s cold.
They are the waters that through the branches veins flow.

To give a new birth for the leaves and fruits to grow.

Where the birds of the sky build their nests,
And raise the new hatched chicks and soon to fly.

Children are the essence that nurtures the body.
They are flowers aroma which enchants the soul.

Children are the cooling shades where the tired ,
Ones find refuge from the sun and enjoy the rest.

(( Is there something sweeter than a new baby’s smile,or when a mother caresses her child ?)) Wishing you a happy and blessed thanksgiving day—My Gratitude and appreciation to the 2750 followers of my humble Blog.Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Without you !

My day without you passes as if it never was.
And the sun sets down as if it didn’t rise.

Every heart beat your sweet name repeats.
Waiting by the window with yearning heart,
for your arms to embrace me tenderly and tight,
Before the moon departs my endless night.

(( Wishing you and yours a happy and blessed thanksgiving crowned with love and family gathering.J.M.Sabbagh- ))

Searching For Love ! / True ove ! / Elixir.

Throughout the ages and even now in this age of dating sites, technology and the internet ,the many are searching for love.Love that captivate the heart,senses,mind and soul.Love that gives meaning to existence itself.

Only the lucky and the sincere ones had found this” Elixir of life ” Today young and old are trying to find love but in the wrong places.Others think that love will knock on their doors one day” When” ?

Yes ,true love can perform marvelous things .Love can change a person profoundly.Love can stand the test of time and triumph over all trails.True love can out ride pressure,family ordeals even pain and sadness.True love is commitment ,sacrifices and accepting every one unconditionally .

Books been written about love artists tried and trying to immortalize love with their innovations some times with images and concepts larger than life.True love burst from within unblemished and timeless.True love is to love the others like  person loves his own self . The Greatest lover Gave up himself to give humanity the immortal life.There is no greater love than sacrificing oneself to save the others.Jalal Michael Sabbagh-Http://