Blameless !/ The Humane Side.

My young daughter came to tell me what she told her new professor who is interested in her.

“Sir,don’t criticize my shyness.
In reality,l am a very ordinary girl.

You are an expert,you know precisely ,
How to choose your sophisticated sentences.
How to express your manly thoughts.

l can’t do that as good as you , l am not you.

You attend classical concerts and operas.
You visit art museums and fashion shows.

All l like to do beside my academic work,
l want to fathom my trade,to help the elders.
l like folk’s music and attend their plays.

Beside all that you know, methods and ways.
l can’t teach you how to feel the weakness,
Of the human race,the pain,the agony ,the despair.

Which the poor among us go through every day.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh/http://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.ccom

P e t e r ! / The Solid Rock.

He said to Peter.” Blessed are you,Simon son of Jonah and so l say to you ,you are Peter and upon this rock l will build my church,and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.”

(( Peter means the rock, the solid foundation . For the last 2000 years Christianity suffered brutal persecution and endured countless ordeals .Yet , Christianity has flourished and will forever because Christ said.” Everything on earth and in heaven will pass away but my words will live eternally , they will never pass away.”

Fascinating Realm ! / Cheeks .

Like the morning dew that touches ,
The roses petals and refreshs their cheeks.

So does your fragrance when it touches my soul.

When l look into your eyes, l travel a magical,
Realm ,where time doesn’t exist at all.

Your fairness and sweetness captivate my senses,
Your love guides my life with tender control.

(( The realm of happiness is not what a person shows on the outside,but what he really feels from the inside.
J.M.Sabbagh- ))

Potter ! / Relationship.

Any relationship needs tenderness, intense attention and care from both sides otherwise it will definitely collapse .

For a potter when he wants to form a vase he applies equal amount of pressure from the outside and from the inside so the clay won’t collapse . Then the glazing process begins to have a beautiful vase.