Devastating Deception !/ Sightless Pretence !/ knowing the facts is the best defence.

The Islamic book the Koran denies the divinity of Christ and  states bluntly that .”Christ wasn’t crucified ,that Allah sent someone looked like Christ to be crucified instead.(Sorat El Nissaa ,verses 157-158).”This fabricated statement aimed to blast and explode the Christian faith from it’s foundation . Today there are more than 4 billions Christians who believe in Christ’s death and resurrection on Easter Sunday.For without Christ’s resurrection there is no Christianity.

Islamist scholars and fanatic liberals try very hard to hide and divert this truth by their deceiving interpretations, that Islam is a peaceful religion.The facts silence these false messengers .Since the 7th.century ,Islam tried to obliterate Christianity, but Christianity prevailed and will prevail till judgment day.For Christ said .”l will be with you to the end of times.”-(( He Who Knows Christ Owns a precious Diamond He Will Never Trades It For A Piece Of A Rock.))


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