The Book.” Worthy Fights.”Author : Mr. Leon Panetta.

Mr.Leon Panetta ,(1938 – ) is one of the few democrats who love America.He served America for 30 years wholehearted .He is the former U.S.secretary of defense 2011-2013.His book.”Worthy Fights.” which was published on Oct.7th.2014,is exposing this administration and how the White House ,Mr.Obama’s advisers miscalculated and misplayed the Iraq Troop Talk.
The book is a memoir of leadership of war and peace.Its a great book worth reading and studying.It helps the reader to know the truth about democrats tactics to cover up corruptions and scandals.,which are becoming the trade mark of failed domestic and international policies.

Today ,this administration has no strategy to handle the EBOLA epidemic, the ISIS devastating threats,Putin’s aggressive policy in Europe or the Saudi royal family which is fueling extremism in the world.


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