Exposing Islamic Extremism ! / The Arab’s Tyranny !/ The Clueless Western Politicians.

Nowadays the world is witnessing the rise and soon the demise of a vicious and brutal religious ideology which is aimlessly trying to revive the dead past glory of Islamic Caliphdom,the myth which the radicals been living  for centuries .

ISIS is the Sunni brutal army of the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.ISIS reflects the real Islamic fanaticism  it’s revengeful ideology and the tyranny of the late Arab leaders like Jamal Abdul Nasser,Anwar El Sadat ,Muammar Gaddafi ,Saddam Hussein and the current royal families of the Arab gulf States.

The sectarian and tribal wars throughout the Arab history were defeated and controlled by brutal dictators.No one dared to oppose them.Once Saddam Hussein was executed in Iraq in 30/12/2006 and Muammar Gaddafi was killed in Libya in 20/10/2011, hell broke loose ,the Arab Spring gave birth to Jihadism,sectarian and tribal wars plus chaos engulfed the whole region.Barbaric atrocities and genocides are committed in Iraq and Libya by radical Muslims in the name of their Allah.

The Arab hate freedom,they are in dire need for a ruthless leaders to control them and silence them.The Ottoman Empire ruled the Arabs for 500 years with iron fist till 1918.Then Britain and Franc from 1918-1950’s.Then came the reign of terror of the Arab dictators which lasted fifty years.Since 2003 the Arab are living their worst nightmare  for being divided .The world is facing ISIS and Ebola at the same time, yet the clueless Western Politicians have no strategy to COMBAT either PLAGUE. .https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com


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