The Best Version ! / l Paid The Price.

When you come to visit me please,
Put on the best version of yourself.

Your heartily smile on your face .
Your best attire,outfit and best dress.

You call me the King of Kings,the life,
The truth,the way and the resurrection.

Don’t you think l deserve the best?

l am the one who for your sins ,
Paid the price on the C r o s s .

Rejoice,shout loud,sing melodies,
For happiness is for those who are,
Humble with hearts of little kids.

Rewards await those who serve the rest.

My beloved ones don’t you think ,
l deserve honor,love and respect ,
To put on the best version of yourself?

(( Christ said.” Be the light and the salt of the earth. He who serves the others he is serving me.” ))

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Beautiful Human Being ! / Virtues.

Beautiful is the one who suffers and never complains.
He who cries silently yet never shouts.

Who heals and never hurts his opponents.
Who never curses yet for the others he prays.

Who unites and never tries to divide.
Who praises and never criticizes .

He who builds and never tries to destroy.
He who loves and the others never despises.

(( Love is expressed not with words and promises but with deeds no matter how small they are.J.M.Sabbagh- ))

Nightfall ! / Father.

How many young daughters and sons go to bed at night with tearful eyes and sad hearts searching for answers to be able to live their lives ?

Return before the nightfall,
Return before the sun goes down.

You left me alone yearning for you.
Father l am scared of the darkness.
l am scared of the silence and loneliness.

l am scared of tomorrow that soon will dawn.

Please, return before my patience expires.
Before l lose my mind,before hopelessness set me on fire.

l need you to help me to write my destiny.
Aren’t you the one who brought me to this world?
Aren’t you the one who raised me up ?

l deserve to know why you abandoned me?

Was it your selfishness,your failure or your misery ?

J.M. Sabbagh –

L i f e And L o v e !

Life gives us the period in time but Love,

GivesĀ  the period savor and sweet meanings.

Love raises us to the height of the highest mountain ,

To touch the bright stars and kiss the blue skies.

Enables us to fly free,there is no impossibles,

No provisos, no stops and no boundaries.J.M.Sabbagh

(( Once we let love into our hearts ,we become a new creation to live life a thousand time over. ))

R e u n i t e ! / The Days past.

While my friend was telling me his life’s past.l was busy writing down his tearful insight.

Sure one day ,we will meet again.

The two of us having gray hair.

Looking at each others eyes.

We could meet at the seaside !

Or on a balcony like Romeo and Juliet.

Reminisce our past days,holding hands.

The burning desire still ignited inside.

But ,a tiny voice was asking us.” When

Will you forget your differences and unite ?”

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-

Spice Dealer ! / Fortune Teller II.

A spice dealer can’t overhaul what time has spoiled .

A fortune teller can’t predict his own destiny,

Yet the many pay him for his trifle sorcery.

(( Its sad and sorrowful tragedy to witness incompetent persons been elected to various sensitive positions to lead the people with their rhetoric, fraud , shallow promises and their failed agendas.Jalal Michael Sabbagh- ))

God’s Grace ! / Ransom .

Christ didn’t come to establish a new religion .His religion was and is from eternity to the resurrection day.

Christ didn’t come to build an empire or a government on earth.

Christ didn’t come to put together an army to invade the world and subdue the people to obey him.

Christ didn’t come to constitute laws and rules for the people to live or die by.

Christ came for one reason only,to ransom us and redeem the world.

Christ came to give the cure for the world’s ailments.

Christ came to call humanity to join him to share happy existence in his eternal kingdom.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- (To my blog’s 2600 followers l would like to say,”thank you from the depth of my heart.)

Lovers Hearts ! / Pure Pearls .

If you ask me , where love resides ?
l believe love resides in every lover’s heart.

If you ask me about faithfulness ?
Faithfulness is in the nature of those,
Who can keep a secret forever.

If you ask me about truthfulness ?
l definitely say,truthfulness are,
The words of the honest ones.

If you ask me about a real companion ?
l would say, is the one who becomes your other self.

If you ask me about affection ?
My friend,you can find affection ,
In the eyes of those who love you unconditionally .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh- (( To my blog’s 2600 followers l would like to say.” Thank you from the depth of my heart. ))