Not United Nations ! / Divided Nations !/ 40 Nations Coalition To Face ISIS ! It didn’t take that many nations to defeat Fascism.!

Yes not United Nations,because in reality this world body or this entity doesn’t represent nations,particularly the weak nations which are ruled by brutal dictators,because there are government ,nations are of no existence because nations in those countries have no saying in their countries affairs what so ever.This UN ignores this reality 110%. (1) the United Nations for the last 20 years failed to prevent or stop many devastating wars.(2) Failed to stop human trafficking.(3) Failed to stop world wide massacres committed under the banners of Allah Wa-Akbar.(4) Failed to achieve peace in the Middle-East for the last 66 years ,despite 3 Arab -Israeli wars.(5)Failed to define what radical Islam is and what moderate Islam is.(6) Muslims claim that extremism and terrorist groups don’t represent Islam,but fail to prove, it is not Islamic.(7) UN failing to prevent Iran having a nuclear bomb.(8)UN Failing to prevent Immams and Mulas from recruiting the ignorant all over the world.These fanatics never been fired or jailed.(9) UN failed to protect freedom of religions,human rights,equality for women in the world.(10) United Nations failed to prevent Persecutions, child abuse and slavery. The United Nation is incompetent to stop the threats of extremism which is determined to Obliterate world’s peace.


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