The Man Who Had A Vision ! / It Was An Illusion.(my gratitute to the 2550 followers of my blog.)

He had a superficial and absolutely a wild vision.
Determined to make major changes and revisions.
Using his flaming speeches of daring and confusion .

He did captivated the ordinary people’s imaginations.
Promising them to fulfill their wishes with precisions.
To wipeout favoritism ,frauds and all ugly division.

To bring harmony to all , its his decisive mission.
He became the chairman a man with no past knowledge.
Incompetent ,weak ,careless and living a big delusion.

His intentions were bias and made the wrong decisions.
Most his aids are masters of cover ups lies and deception.
They manipulated him ,turned all his faults to excisions.

Their main job was to agree with the man’s illusions.
That he is the greatest among his peers ,he is an exception.
He blames everyone ,but never ever his own personal actions.

Finally ,the man  should if never sought this demanding position.


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