Shiia’t ! / Sunni ! / Caliphate . ( 1400 years old bloody conflict. )

The most fundamental questions that confronting Muslims today,confronted the early Muslims in the formative years of the caliphate.Who is to be caliph ? How is he to be chosen ? What are his duties ? What are the extent and limits of his power ? Who is to succeed him ?

All these questions were intensively discussed and,at times bitterly disputed among theologians on both sects.The Shiia’t maintained that the caliphate should be hereditary in the line of the Prophet and therefore that all the caliphs ,except only for the brief rule of Ali and his son Hassan,were usurpers.

The Sunni Muslims view was,that the caliphate was elective,and any member of the Prophet’s tribe Qurash was eligible.this conflict was the cause of many vicious sectarian wars between the Shiia’t and the Sunni then,now and will be forever.

Recently ,Abu Bakeer Al- Baghdady the infamous leader of ISIS throw all the above questions out of the door and proclaimed himself the legitimate caliph of Islam in IRAQ and SYRIA. ISIS wants to eradicate the Shiia’t and the none believers.Radicals  from all over the world  are joining ISIS , specially from Europe,America,Canada,Australia,the Arab world, ,Asia, North Africa and becoming the core of jihadism . Is the civilized world ready to take the right decision and unite to face this lethal plague decisively  ?? Beheading is the trademark of this plague ISIS .


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