Mr.Obama ! / Mr. Biden ! / ISIS Beheaded The Second American And Stabbed Every American Father’s and Mother’s Heart.

Mr. Obama the extremism thugs ISIS,the most religious radicals, whom you labeled as Sept.2,2014 beheaded the second American journalist STEVEN SOTLOFF . ISIS is not a you named it few days ago.Remember when you said.”Bin Laden is dead,Al-Qaeda is decimated and terrorism is on the run?”” Well,all your statements about terrorism proven to be not true.ISIS is rather bolder than before it has a fascist army of 10,000 or more .ISIS is defying the whole world to lay the foundation of their Caliphdom and destroy whoever opposes them.When Are going to admit that radicalism is your prime enemy ? Abu Baker Al-Baghdadi the leader of ISIS is targeting every American.

Remember,when Mr.Joe Biden said.” Iraq is the greatest achievement of Obama’s Administration .”” Is it really ? Or it is the worst failure of all time.This is another false statement., by Mr.Biden.MR . Obama you pulled the American soldiers from Iraq and gave Iraq an easy PREY to ISIS.

Mr.Obama, remember you said few days ago.” we have no strategy to confront ISIS or how to deal with the Ukrainian crisis.?”

What are you going to tell Steven’s parents? What are you going to tell every American MOTHER and FATHER who’s hearts been stabbed and  are bleeding for beheading  the  American Sons,James and Steven by ISIS.? Are you going to tell them.” l don’t have a strategy ? “”


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