Mr. Time , Would You Please Stop !

Mr.time,would you please stop , slow down.
Because we are still at the beginning of the road.

Why are you rushing with such extreme speed ,
Like the raging waters of a rough sea?

Please stop we haven’t lived our tiniest wish.
Nor we have seen our dreams come true.

Suddenly we feel the heavy weight of the years.
We grew up without noticing you passing us by.

Stop,l won’t let you take me where circumstances,
Plan the D A Y S instead of me.

l want to decide what to do ,what to be ‘
l am not going to surrender so easily .

l want to enjoy the world,travel have kids.
l don’t want you to watch over me,l want to be free.

l won’t let you control me,look l hold the key.
l am determined to be the master of my own destiny.



Terrorists Worest Nightmare ! / Devastating Doctrine .

It Is Time To Explore And Expose The Reality Of These Radicals Who Hate Life, Worship Death And Determined To Obliterate the none believer and the  none Sunni Muslims.

Every terrorist’s worst nightmare is to be killed by a female,because according to Islamic doctrine he will be forbidden to enter paradise to enjoy his rewards which every Jihadist long to for dying for the sake of Allah.(Among the rewards,white skin virgins with seductive eyes,rivers of milk,honey and Wine.Fruits of dates, figs and grapes.Lavish silky pillows and beds.,etc.)

Among the fighter jet pilots who are bombing the terrorists in Syria and Iraq for the last few days is a female F-16 fighter jet pilot ,35 years old MARIAM AL-MANSOURI from the United Arab Emirates.(UAE) This brave Arab woman is sending waves of horror into the hearts of the terrorists.By killing the Jihadists ,she deprives them from entering the promised paradise.

During the Israeli – Arab wars of 1948 , 1967 and 1973 which the Arab lost catastrophically ,only four Arab countries fought these wars Iraq,Egypt,Jordon and Syria.Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab countries refused to send their soldiers because they didn’t want Muslim soldiers to be killed by FEMALE Israeli soldiers.(1/2 the Israeli Army is Female soldiers) Because their Muslim soldiers won’t enter the promised paradise.

Not United Nations ! / Divided Nations !/ 40 Nations Coalition To Face ISIS ! It didn’t take that many nations to defeat Fascism.!

Yes not United Nations,because in reality this world body or this entity doesn’t represent nations,particularly the weak nations which are ruled by brutal dictators,because there are government ,nations are of no existence because nations in those countries have no saying in their countries affairs what so ever.This UN ignores this reality 110%. (1) the United Nations for the last 20 years failed to prevent or stop many devastating wars.(2) Failed to stop human trafficking.(3) Failed to stop world wide massacres committed under the banners of Allah Wa-Akbar.(4) Failed to achieve peace in the Middle-East for the last 66 years ,despite 3 Arab -Israeli wars.(5)Failed to define what radical Islam is and what moderate Islam is.(6) Muslims claim that extremism and terrorist groups don’t represent Islam,but fail to prove, it is not Islamic.(7) UN failing to prevent Iran having a nuclear bomb.(8)UN Failing to prevent Immams and Mulas from recruiting the ignorant all over the world.These fanatics never been fired or jailed.(9) UN failed to protect freedom of religions,human rights,equality for women in the world.(10) United Nations failed to prevent Persecutions, child abuse and slavery. The United Nation is incompetent to stop the threats of extremism which is determined to Obliterate world’s peace.

The Man Who Had A Vision ! / It Was An Illusion.(my gratitute to the 2550 followers of my blog.)

He had a superficial and absolutely a wild vision.
Determined to make major changes and revisions.
Using his flaming speeches of daring and confusion .

He did captivated the ordinary people’s imaginations.
Promising them to fulfill their wishes with precisions.
To wipeout favoritism ,frauds and all ugly division.

To bring harmony to all , its his decisive mission.
He became the chairman a man with no past knowledge.
Incompetent ,weak ,careless and living a big delusion.

His intentions were bias and made the wrong decisions.
Most his aids are masters of cover ups lies and deception.
They manipulated him ,turned all his faults to excisions.

Their main job was to agree with the man’s illusions.
That he is the greatest among his peers ,he is an exception.
He blames everyone ,but never ever his own personal actions.

Finally ,the man  should if never sought this demanding position.

Ultra Liberal Democrats ! / S e m i t e .

” Nowadays most progressives,the far left socialists and the liberal democrats are like a SEMITE.Despite he is immersed up to his eyelashes in dirty mud,he still tries to look up the stars of the skies.” J.M.Sabbagh

(( The majority of Washington incompetent politicians are beyond being insolent .They refuse to take responsibility for their mistakes and their false promises.Yet, with utmost audacity they obliterate the facts which are well known to the Americans, beside they betray the oath they took to protect the Constitution. ))

In Memory Of The Egyptian Singer Um – Kalthom !

My love ,my hope ,my life’

You are more precious even than my eyes.

You are my Yesterday , my today ,my tomorrow ,

My forever and ever only love.

All my wishes ,you made them come true.

l never felt so much loved only by you.

l never felt so much yearning, affection ,

And compassion ,only when l am next to you.

l never loved my life ,till l met you and for you.

l am living my life all over again ,embracing you.

You are  closer to me than me even ,

Closer  than  my  soul   t o o.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-