IS ISIS Demolishing Islam ? / Why 1.6 Billion Muslims Are Silent ? / Ist A Tsunami of Extremism Or Ist III World Religious War ?

IS THE PROPHECY BECOMING A REALITY ? Is ISIS have a definite plan to destroy Islam and blast it from it’s foundation?

Why 1.6 Billion Muslims are motionless like the Sphinx, not uttering any serious denouncements or reacting to fight and crush ISIS? Unless they approve what the ISIS is committing ,”barbaric atrocities and massacres.”

Why all 57 Muslim countries are not mobilizing their armies and war jets to annihilate ISIS from the face of the earth and eliminate it’s imminent threat,” tsunami of extremism and bloodshed”? If they think ISIS is an Islamic  C a n c e r ,then they ought to cut it off before it devastates  the whole body.

Pakistan,Malaysia,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Egypt,Turkey ,Iran and the rest of the Islamic world are completely silent ? Are they afraid of ISIS?Are the Arab dictators and tyrants scared of ISIS would topple their thrones?

Its well known that the rich Arab gulf States are giving tribute to ISIS and supplying it with American made mass killing weapons openly.This emboldens ISIS immensely .

Islamic Extremism ,ISIS, Al-Qaeda,Boko Haram,Hamas,Al-Nasra gangs,M.B.are getting ready to invade the Middle -East and The Arab countries.IS SANITY ABSENT ? IS THE WORLD BLIND? THE WORLD IS ON THE VERGE OF III WORLD RELIGIOUS WAR!


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