Hell Awaits Them ! / ISIS Fascist Propaganda.

ITS TIME FOR THE WEST IN GENERAL,SPECIALLY FOR AMERICA AND EUROPE to wake up, confront  and expose the lies and the deception of ISIS and it’s false propaganda to recruit and radicalize the naive,the losers, the lost and the aimless Americans and Europeans youth to join ISIS Quest to establish the centuries old dream of Caliphdom , conquer the world with Jihad barbarism and annihilate the none believers.( More than 3000 Americans ,Europeans ,Australians ,Canadians young men are fighting side by side with ISIS in Iraq and Syria and dying in the deserts in vain. Ignorance is a lethal virus ).

ISIS IS LYING for assuring these blind new Jihadists that they can have as many young girls for  their pleasures as they desire,  lots of money from Kuwait ,Dubai,Qatar and Saudi Arabia and all the drugs they want.ISIS is lying by promising these losers a luxurious Paradise when they die ,fighting or blowing themselves up for the sake of their hateful slogans on the black Banners of ISIS.There is no such a thing an illusive Paradise where seductive white virgins with wide eyes await them( the martyrs of lies) to have continuous intercourse, drink from rivers of milk,honey and aged wine ,  lay on beds of luscious silk and eat delicious fruits , grapes, dates and figs and  be served by beautiful lads who look like pearls.( the losers don’t know that there is no materialism  in the realm of the  dead,its a myth., a fantasy ,a delusion)

Rather these blind  foreign Jihadists when they die,they  go directly to HELL where eternal condemnation awaits them for killing innocent children ,for beheading those who opposed them , for torturing the pregnant women,the weak, the handicap ,the sick,the helpless and the babies, for betraying their countries and stabbing their mothers hearts.



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