Their Allah ! / A Phenomenal Concept ? Promises His male followers A Lustful Paradise. What About Women?

There are those who want to reason and accept the truth. Also ,There are those who just listen,obey, refuse the truth and deny the rights of others to exist.The Arab  invented 100 name to call their Allah ,the Allah of ISIS whom they adore. The Allah whom they obey blindly , praise,fear  and worship him  verbally only.Their fanatic religious leaders give Allah the absolute control over their lives and fates . These clueless leaders convince the poor followers that they are destined to live their earthly lives according to the will of Allah the most powerful.They themselves have no free will to decide for themselves at all.Everything happens to them is Allah’s will ,catastrophes, diseases,failures,misfortunes, even if someone falls and breaks his neck they believe it was the will of Allah.

Among the names these radical leaders give their Allah,” Allah the Powerful -” The revengeful”- “The deadly “- “the watchful “- Allah who penalizes”  . This Allah can’t be merciful if he punishes his followers specially those who don’t. obey him.”

Why their Allah commands them to kill the infidels? Hate peace? Encourages his followers to invade other nations and subdue the innocents  with violence and the sword ? Why there are ugly massacres been committed in Nigeria,Iran,Iraq,Syria , Yemen,Lebanon,Sudan, Algeria,Tunisia,Libya ,Somalia,Bahrain by the  Jihadists for the sake of Allah ?? Why Allah permits the beheading of the enemy?Stone the adulteress to death? Flogging  the Gays And the Lesbians ? Why 2 women are equal to 1 man? Why man can marry 4 wives? Why Man can divorce his wife verbally ? Why Allah allows forced marriage 11,12 old girls? One Arab sheik own 20/30/40 women Harem ? Why women are deprived of these privileges ?

“”The Koran(The Islamic Book) promises  the male Muslims,after death despite all the crimes they commit  they will enter a lustful paradise where they will have seductive white virgins with wide eyes,continuous intercourse with these virgins.They will drink from rivers of honey ,wine and milk,eat the fruits of grape,dates and figs and lay on lavish beds of silk ,pearl like lads will serve them through eternity. Women are not mentioned ,no equality.That is why the suicide bombers blow themselves up kill the infidels to go to paradise.There are tens of verses in the Koran assure Muslims this luxurious and lustful existence in paradise. . ( Sura AL TOUR(Chapter)/52-17-24//Sura al Nabba 78/31-34 verses )Sura is a chapter of the Koran  which contains many verses.

When the extremists behead Western journalists and hostages they say.” Allah -Wa- Akbar”.All their banners and flags say Allah -Wa – Akbar .When they fire missiles they say.” Alla – Wa – Akber.They use their Allah to commit every hideous  crime.

(( Its essential to know what is behind an ideology that is determined to take the world back to the dark ages,the ERA of lawlessness. J.M.Sabbagh ))


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