T e s t i m o n y ! Profound Faith ! / James Foley An American Hero.

This is the comment of a gifted poet and a peace advocate : elliebelfiglio/blog.,on my post (ISIS Radicalism) you can visit her outstanding Blog.

“” You know Jalal ,l was Muslim ,at school we had to study Koran .So l know that book inside out.Because of that most of my youth l didn’t believe in anything,until on a trip to Italy on Christmas and in being in Vatican ,l had a vision which is portrayed in the poem .”l FOUND MY WAY.”(you can read the poem in her Blog) Then and there l decided to become a Catholic.Islam is a religion of Jihad and wanting to destroy all the other religions.There would never be peace in the world since these people have no respect for human life and their own lives by teaching their children to become suicide bomber.””

ISIS by beheading the American journalist James Foley they killed a part of every human being.Isis declared war on it’s own religion and on the civilized world.Mr.Rhetoric ! terrorism is not decimated,Al-Qaeda is not on the run,Isis is not a J.V.you are wrong and always wrong.The liberal politicians who are the senior advisers and running the show in Washington are deaf,blind and aimless.

(Read this comment among the comments on my post which l mentioned above.Thank you and God bless.Jalal Michael Sabbagh-https://mysuccessisyoursuccess.wordpress.com )


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