ISIS Radicalism ! / Atrocious Beheading ! / Let The Heavens Cry .

What gave birth to ISIS ? ISIS didn’t descend from M A R S .ISIS is the true reflection of Radicalism .ISIS represents the core of a destructive religious ideology.” To crush whoever opposes the message of hate to establish the Caliphdom they been dreaming of for centuries.

Whoever wants to dispute this reality ought to study the background of ISIS.ISIS is the offspring of the catastrophic Jihadism. First and foremost its a deadly epidemic ought to be confronted by the whole world.
Today ISIS committed the most HIDEOUS act of barbarism by Beheading the American journalist James Foley in the name of their black banners and their Fascist slogans .

James parents just celebrated his 33rd.birthday and were hoping to see him soon.James Foley knew the truth of those who captured him so they executed him according to their religious hateful rituals to silence him.

This atrocious crime tore James parents hearts and minds and stabbed their very soul that will never stop bleeding.We will never forget him ever.ISIS will be defeated for darkness of injustice will vanish once the sun of justice rises.

Since the 7th.century inhuman gangs like ISIS been Promulgating horror,bloodshed and destruction to annihilate the infidels, to rule the world without dispute.This is a reality ONLY the blind and the mindless will deny.

(No religion,law,ideology or earthly power can justify the killing of a human being. )


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