Atrocious Extremism ! / Core Of Cowardice ! / Infectious Epidemic.

Its a reality we have to face and unite to defeat , before it reaches our borders.The civilized world is in a dire need to know and stop this infectious extremism epidemic. ISIS- M.B.-Al-Qaeda – Al -Shabab and other 25 terrorist gangs are committing massacres in the name of Allah whom they don’t know.Their genocidal believes encourage them to kill innocent, weak and armless Christians,Yazidis and Shiia’t savagely .They are a tsunami of hate and rage.

These thugs hide their identity behind their black masks ,the symbol of their cowardice wearing black vests with explosives and hateful slogans ready to blow themselves up in the name of their Allah.Their religious leaders entice them to persecute the none believers and exterminate children and babies every where they invade.(Exactly what their forefathers did in the 7th. century )Their same ruthless belief allows these thugs to stone people to death and behead the infidels.These Jihadist love death and what is beyond death .They hate life and whoever loves life .

They have devoid their humanity by choice to be the army of Lucifer . Fifty thousand Christians,and hundred thousand Yazidis are stranded on the mountain of Sinjar near Mosul in northern Iraq who escaped the wrath of ISIS barbarism.These murderers want to conquer the world and lift their hateful black banners in every Western country.Friday 8/8 The USA and Other European countries began to help and aid these victims of tyranny.Our prayers and the prayer of those who love peace be with all the victims of violence in every corner of our fragile world.


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