The Peace Lovers ! / Never Again Hiroshima 8/6/1945.

The civilized world is trying diligently to teach the young generations about the agony ,pain,sorrows,misery,sufferings and sadness ,the results of devastating and merciless wars.
Teachers are trying to implant the seeds of peace in the very core of the youth’s thoughts to work toward peaceful and prosperous world .Motivating them to love music ,sports,science,technology and to believe in common living with the others.

In Japan the persons who survived the catastrophic pains of Hiroshima 8/6/1945 and are still alive ,most of them in their eighties are lecturing in every school,college and university about the horror of wars.They are telling them what kind of sufferings they endured ? What miseries they witnessed .Despite the 69 years since Hiroshima tragedy the memories are alive in their minds.They don’t want the young generations to suffer what they went through.

China is opening the closed iron doors in front the people to practice their religion and pursue their ambitions.Same thing is happening in Cambodia ,Vietnam and in most South East Asian countries.They are encouraging their people to excel to free themselves from the bloody past.

But in the Arab countries the dictators and the blind religious leaders are forcing the youths to memorize sightless religious books.They are assassinating the children’s brains teaching them to hate the West,the civilized world and it’s freedom. they brain wash them to love death and hate life.Encouraging them to destroy the infidels.Radicalizing them to become suicide bombers.They are wasting billions of dollars on false propaganda to cover their stone age believes. Billions of oil money wasted building tunnels to annihilate Israel . Oil money is financing more than 25 barbaric terrorist gangs to kill the Christians and the Shiiat.They Have the audacity to demonstrate in European Capitals to victimize the innocent . These fanatics are war worshipers. Peace and justice will triumph always.J.M.Sabbagh-


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