Mariam Ibrahim ! / The Ultimate Courage.

Thanks be to our true God.Mariam Ibrahim the Sudanese heroine woman who confronted the Sudanese brutal regime and refused to denounce her faith in Christ and her Christianity.In March ,2014 she was sentenced to be executed for apostasy ,because she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Islam is a religion that condemns and sentences any Muslim to be executed if he/she leaves Islam or coverts to another religion.A Total enslavement and blind submission . Islam is a religion that persecute it’s own followers and permits their blood to be shed mercilessly .

Mariam Ibrahim escaped the death sentence and reprieved from execution is a great Testimony for the power of prayer and faith.Hundreds of millions Christians were praying for her safety.Today she arrived to the United States and will settle in New Hampshire with her husband and two children.Yesterday she met Pope Francis in Rome who prayed for her and for the Christians who are been persecuted for their believes.Thousand of Iraqi Christians are facing execution by the ruthless ISIS terrorists because they refuse to convert to Islam. l and millions like me heartily appreciate the intense efforts ,Italy Ireland and Germany provided to free Mariam.


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