Golda Meir ! / Education Is The Answer. /Arab Woman.

Golda Meir,( 1898-1978 ) The teacher and politician who became the 4th,Prime Minister of Israel said post the Arab-Israeli war in 1973.”” We Can Forgive Them For Killing Our Children.We Can Never Forgive Them For Forcing Us To Kill Their Children.””

(( Brazil,Argentina,Paraguay,Chile,Bolivia and their politicians and the narrow minded liberals ought to educate themselves before uttering a shameless statement without knowing the historic reality.Not even one Arab woman have been given the Chance to become a prime minister in the whole Arab world in the modern time ( 22 Arab countries tread women as second class citizen ) Those who are allowing lies to invade their minds and demonstrate ought to examine themselves. Thanks to my friend Blogger who reminded me of Golda Meir. Education is the essence to understand the value of life and peace.J.M.Sabbagh- ))


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