You Been Created Beautiful ! / Charm for the sight.

You been created beautiful to captivate our senses.
You been created beautiful a delight for our existence.

With your enchanting stature and fairness.
With your mesmerizing laughs and seductive gazes.
With your wits ,spontaneity and sweetness.
With your loving heart,compassion and kindness.

With your angelic innocence and goodness.
With your affections epitome wholeness.

The Creator bestowed on you charisma ,
Beyond human fathom or understanding.

Praise the Lord for he is generous ,
There are no limits for his Presents.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-


IS ISIS Demolishing Islam ? / Why 1.6 Billion Muslims Are Silent ? / Ist A Tsunami of Extremism Or Ist III World Religious War ?

IS THE PROPHECY BECOMING A REALITY ? Is ISIS have a definite plan to destroy Islam and blast it from it’s foundation?

Why 1.6 Billion Muslims are motionless like the Sphinx, not uttering any serious denouncements or reacting to fight and crush ISIS? Unless they approve what the ISIS is committing ,”barbaric atrocities and massacres.”

Why all 57 Muslim countries are not mobilizing their armies and war jets to annihilate ISIS from the face of the earth and eliminate it’s imminent threat,” tsunami of extremism and bloodshed”? If they think ISIS is an Islamic  C a n c e r ,then they ought to cut it off before it devastates  the whole body.

Pakistan,Malaysia,Indonesia,Saudi Arabia,Sudan,Egypt,Turkey ,Iran and the rest of the Islamic world are completely silent ? Are they afraid of ISIS?Are the Arab dictators and tyrants scared of ISIS would topple their thrones?

Its well known that the rich Arab gulf States are giving tribute to ISIS and supplying it with American made mass killing weapons openly.This emboldens ISIS immensely .

Islamic Extremism ,ISIS, Al-Qaeda,Boko Haram,Hamas,Al-Nasra gangs,M.B.are getting ready to invade the Middle -East and The Arab countries.IS SANITY ABSENT ? IS THE WORLD BLIND? THE WORLD IS ON THE VERGE OF III WORLD RELIGIOUS WAR!

Timeless Love ! / Romance.

Whether you are far or next to me,
l think of you my true ecstasy.

With every beat of my heart ,
With every blink of my eyes,
With every breath l take,
With every thought crosses my mind,
With every move l make day or night,
l give you my past ,my present,
My future you are my all at sight.

For you even my life l sacrifice.
Take me as you wish to do,
Transform me to your own.
Melt me,mold me as you wish and will.

l accept my fate,whatever you decide,
As long l am in your arms, l am heartily satisfied.

( When love touches the hearts with it’s magic wand the whole world becomes like a diamond bright.jalal Michael Sabbagh-http://mysuccessisyoursuccess )

Hell Awaits Them ! / ISIS Fascist Propaganda.

ITS TIME FOR THE WEST IN GENERAL,SPECIALLY FOR AMERICA AND EUROPE to wake up, confront  and expose the lies and the deception of ISIS and it’s false propaganda to recruit and radicalize the naive,the losers, the lost and the aimless Americans and Europeans youth to join ISIS Quest to establish the centuries old dream of Caliphdom , conquer the world with Jihad barbarism and annihilate the none believers.( More than 3000 Americans ,Europeans ,Australians ,Canadians young men are fighting side by side with ISIS in Iraq and Syria and dying in the deserts in vain. Ignorance is a lethal virus ).

ISIS IS LYING for assuring these blind new Jihadists that they can have as many young girls for  their pleasures as they desire,  lots of money from Kuwait ,Dubai,Qatar and Saudi Arabia and all the drugs they want.ISIS is lying by promising these losers a luxurious Paradise when they die ,fighting or blowing themselves up for the sake of their hateful slogans on the black Banners of ISIS.There is no such a thing an illusive Paradise where seductive white virgins with wide eyes await them( the martyrs of lies) to have continuous intercourse, drink from rivers of milk,honey and aged wine ,  lay on beds of luscious silk and eat delicious fruits , grapes, dates and figs and  be served by beautiful lads who look like pearls.( the losers don’t know that there is no materialism  in the realm of the  dead,its a myth., a fantasy ,a delusion)

Rather these blind  foreign Jihadists when they die,they  go directly to HELL where eternal condemnation awaits them for killing innocent children ,for beheading those who opposed them , for torturing the pregnant women,the weak, the handicap ,the sick,the helpless and the babies, for betraying their countries and stabbing their mothers hearts.


Camel’s Hump ! / Masters Of Disguise .

My grandmother used to say.”If the camel attempts to see his hump he would definitely break his neck.”

(( It seems the many these days are becoming masters of disguise ,they distort the facts to protect their superior’s failures.Whether they are mainstream reporters,politicians or deceitful reverends instead of planting harmony and unity they are igniting the fire of division ,chaos and racism.They don’t see their humps but they accuse the others for having them. J.M.Sabbagh- ))

Prayer For Peace ! / May Peace Touches Every heart And Mind ! /St .Francis of Isisi.

The Answer for our troubled time is a heartily prayer to reign in every corner of the glob. JMS


Lord make me an instrument of your peace.
Where there is hatred let me saw love.
Where there is injury pardon.
Where there is doubt faith.
Where there is despair hope.
Where there is darkness light.
Where there is sadness joy.

“O” Divine Master ,grant that l may
Seek not so much to be consoled as to console.

To be understood as to understand.
To be loved as to love.

For its in giving that we receive,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.
And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

(( The power of prayer and divine intervention will prevail and defeat the madness that is ruling the world.Jalal Michael Sabbagh.http;// ))(( If anyone wants to know who Jesus Christ is!see the movie .”the son of God.”l just did.March 1,2014.))

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Love And Peace ! / Cessation.

Where ever there is love there is peace.
Where ever there is no love there is no peace.
All efforts for reconciliation definitely cease.

In our human terms everything is based on yours and mine.
Peace absolutely is something we can’t define .
When did the world saw peace reign ?
Without honest intentions solutions won’t have a spine.

Many tried to implant the seed,
The many plucked it out,out of greed.
Even prophets failed to prevent the bloodshed.

When did we live in peace my friend?
Promises which are broken can’t be mend.

The many are deforming family values,
And pushing God’s love to the rear end.

Jalal Michael Sabbagh-