Nancy Pelosi :” Hamas Is A Humanitarian Organization.” Apex Of Idiocy.

Today,7/30/14 on CNN with utmost audacity Nancy Pelosi (1940-)Former Speaker of the House told Candy Crowley the most bias political correspondent in the whole world.” The Qatari sheiks told me that Hamas is a humanitarian organization.” Even a cave man won’t say such none sense or believe the Qatari Bedouins .

Hamas is on the terrorism list all over the Western countries.Hamas is the core of terrorism in the Middle-East every educated person knows this truth.Qatar supports and finances Hamas by the billions of dollars out of fear and retaliations.Qatar is financing terrorism in Syria since 2011 which has killed up to date more then 150,000 innocent Syrians children , men and women.NOT EVEN ONE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS CONDEMNED THESE MASSACRES,ITS A SHAMEFUL DOUBLE STANDARD.

Qatar is paying for every rocket fired by Hamas into Israel.People in Gaza were dancing out of jubilation when the September 11,2001 terrorist attack happened. Qatar this tiny sheikdom is becoming Nancy Pelosi’s adviser and confident .

Millions of TV.viewers heard her narrow minded statement.Nancy Pelosi is a credit for the democrats and the progressive movement.A politician with Zero education and politics.Nancy is the Apex of liberalism propaganda to cover the truth.Its a sad tragedy to see politicians like her in Washington leading the country . Hamas receives donation and aids from The West to feed the starving Palestinian children instead Hamas spends the money to constructing Tunnels to kill the Jews children,kidnap and hold them hostages. them J.M.Sabbagh-


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