The New Arabian M a f i a ! / ISIS-Hamas-Jihadists. / NO-NO- NO.

These catastrophic groups are the new global ‘mafia” .They are using extortion,atrocious threats and tactics to impose their bold ideology. The core of their believes is to destroy the civilized world and the infidels.They are getting financial support from the weak and helpless rich Arab gulf States.Specially from Qatar , Dubai,Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.There is no deterrence to stop this barbaric mafia.Its insulting the UN,EU and the USA and taking advantage of the world’s limpness and silence.

This new mafia is a real and immanent threat to the whole Middle-East region and to the world’s peace.ISIS is forcing a heavy tribute on Iraqi Christians to pay or face death.Thousands of Christians are fleeing North Iraq because they are refusing to convert to lslam. The world is in dire need for new brave leaders to control this TSUNAMI of lawlessness.Its time that Europe and the American Administration to admit that terrorism does exist and its the new MAFIA.THE LATE ARAB LEADER  JAMAL ABDUL NASSER DISASTROUS VOWS WERE. “NO PEACE ,NO DIALOGUE ,NO SURRENDER,WE  ARE DETERMINED TO PUSH ISRAEL INTO THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA”..”


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